What Is The Best Way To Contact Jaguar?

The most efficient way to contact Jaguar is by email.

Cathy McLarney is your first point of contact and can be reached via email at cathy@jaguarcon.com or by phone at 905.251.4366 (when she is in Canada) or 504.9647.2517 (when she is in Honduras).

Are there house plans available?

There are six different house plans available. Please click here to see House plans.

What Is The Priority List?

Your home will be built in priority sequence, based on receipt of your deposit. The date of the email scan of the wire confirmation receipt is accepted as the date for the priority list.

What Currency Does Jaguar Accept?

All funds are required in US Dollars.

All major banks can help you with wiring the money to Honduras. Simply provide your bank with the wiring instructions we will provide you, they will be able to assist you from there. Normal wiring fees vary from institution to institution but are normally $20 to $50. Do not use Western Union. Their fees are high and we will not attend their office to accept a wire transfer.

What Services Are Available?

Water is distributed to the lot line. The building contractor will include hook-up in the construction price.

Electricity is distributed past your lot. Installation will be performed by the local electrical company and your meter installed much the same as North America. An installation fee and a monthly usage fee will be billed directly to you from the local power authority.

Sewage is individual septic on Campa Vista, Coroz Alta and Alta Vista Mountain. Alta Vista Beach has its own sewer system and water treatment plant and installation is included in the construction price.

Satellite TV is available on Campa Vista, Coroz Alta and Alta Vista. Satellite Internet is available and can be priced upon your request.

Cellular telephones operate on a prepaid system and are readily available. It is actually the least expensive way to call North America currently.

What Is Not Included In The Contractors' Construction Price That I Should Be Aware Of?

The advertised square foot price is for the living space and does include septic, electrical and water. Decks, garage, driveways, outbuildings, pools, generators and air conditioners are not included in the square foot price.

Jaguar will help you determine size, configuration, and price as required and this will be included in your final contract and blueprints.

Additional foundation beyond standard foundations will be priced and invoiced separately. The topography affects the foundation costs and each lot requires its own engineering and foundation plans. These are additional costs on top of our price per square foot for building.

Would We Be Required To Be On Site During The Construction Of The Home?

No, Jaguar Construction will be on site everyday to manage and monitor all construction.

Is There Financing Available?

Not at this time. Canadian banks will not finance foreign properties and the Honduran Government will not lend money to Non-Residents.

What Is The Construction Payment Schedule?

  • $10,000.00 deposit to secure priority (to be paid by July 31st for Early Bird Special or no later than September 1st for regular pricing)
  • 25% Payment upon sign off of Agreement & Schedules (paid October/November)
  • 50% Payment at commencement of Construction (paid January)
  • 15% Payment less $10,000.00 deposit upon completion (paid October/November)
  • 10% Payment upon lesser of final inspection or 30 days after construction completion (paid November/December)