The Lost White City of Honduras May No Longer Be Lost

There is still so much to discover about Honduras. It’s a land of pristine beaches, crystal clear waters but even more so of dense rainforest jungle.  It is those dense, thick, lush jungles that may be hiding  the Lost White City of Honduras.

jungle, rainforest, honduras
Sun peaks through the clouds after a brief rain shower
Rainforest, jungles, Honduras
Lush rainforests in the Banana Coast are of Honduras

As referenced in an article this past May by Indian Country Today Media Network, titled Ciudad Blanca, the Lost White City of Honduras, Possibly Found Under Rainforest, laser images from the air showcase the possible city deep underneath the sea of green, showing outlines of a pyramid and other unknown ruins.   Researchers say:

“Indeed, the city’s very existence was a rumor until a year ago, when filmmaker Steven Elkins and expedition underwriter and filmmaker Bill Benenson flew over the dense rainforest, which covers 32,000 square miles in Honduras and Nicaragua, and obtained the images. The forest has long been considered too harsh for human habitation, populated as it is with “jumping vipers, coral snakes, fer-de-lance, stinging plants, and biting insects,” as archaeologist and Honduras expert Chris Begley toldThe New Yorker. Besides that, he said, it’s mountainous, its waterways are choked with rapids, and travelers are beset by a host of diseases, including malaria and dengue.


The discovery represented a true juxtaposition of ancient and modern, art and life: Elkins and Benenson teamed up with scientists at the University of Houston who specialize in light-detection-and-ranging (lidar), a high-tech imaging technique involving lasers. Traveling in a slowly moving small jet flying low over the dense jungle, the researchers pelted the trees with billions of laser pulses to get a glimpse below the forest canopy, The New Yorker reported in a seven-page article on the expedition.”

The exact location isn’t being divulged due to rumours of gold in the lost city.  Hmmm. There’s gold in them there mountains!

There remains so much to discover in the Honduras.

Casa Alta Vista Mountain, Honduras, Jaguar Construction
Beautiful Casa 313 in Alta Vista Mountain, overlooking the Bay of Trujillo

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