Canadians Preparing to Spend Millions of Tourist Dollars in Honduras

According to a recent article in, Canadian tourists will spend at least 10 million dollars while visiting Honduras during this winter season, ending April 2014.

Bay of Trujillo, Banana Coast, Honduras
Beautiful Bay of Trujillo. Banana Coast in Honduras

The Minister of Tourism, Nelly Jerez reported that the season has begun with the arrival of four weekly aircraft from Canada. Each of the approximately 13,500 passengers are estimated to spend on average $750 per person.

Some freshly caught crab to add to your seafood soup.
Some freshly caught crab to add to your seafood soup.
Garifuna Village, Guadalupe
TIny church in the Garifuna village of Guadalupe

Canada now has a number of charter flight options with Sunwing and Transat that operate weekly from cities such as Montreal, Toronto. Some charters arrive in Roatan while others fly to La Ceiba. From these towns, tourists will then visit other area of Honduras such as Copan and Trujillo.

Jaguar Construction
Wrap around deck. Amazing views of the Bay from a Jaguar Construction home.

Central America as a whole receives an estimated 250,000 Canadians a year, who spend approximately $260,000,000, according to a Canadian statistical analysis.

With the new Banana Coast Cruise Terminal now open for business, one can expect to see numbers increase further with the obvious impact of the tourist dollar being spent in the Trujillo area.

Campo Del Mar Animal reserve,
Meet Esther the 3 toed Sloth at Camp del Mar

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