Why Trujillo Honduras Became the World’s Newest Cruise Ship Terminal

Friends and folks back in Canada are always curious about how Trujillo in Honduras where I live and work, came to be the newest Cruise Terminal Port in the world. Silverseas was the first cruise line to sign up with Holland America and Oceania following suite.

Silver Sea Cruise Ships
Silver Sea Cruise Ships

Finding new locations is a priority for cruise lines.  A new location is not only good for business but it opens up new parts of the world to people who might otherwise not have a chance to visit them. It also creates jobs and investment opportunities for the locals and foreigners alike.  That is also important for governments.

Here is the back story via Honduras LIving  about how Trujillo’s new port came to be..from a dream to the reality it is today, 6 years on:

Back in 2007 Randy Jorgensen of Life Vision developments sought out property to explore the possibilities of developing a smaller parcel in the area.  Unbeknownst to him, at the same time, the Honduran Government was in search of the “next cruise port destination” as they wanted to repeat the success of Roatan. Clearly Randy and Life Vision Developments saw something, the same thing that the Honduran Government did in Trujillo. The study was conducted by Bermello Ajamil and Partners (BAP) on behalf of the government. BAP was hired by the government of honduras to see where in the mainland of honduras would be the ideal location for a cruise port.  This was a result of the soon to be over capacity issues in Roatan and their increasing cruise tourism. Along the Northern shore, Tela, Omoa were some of the cities reviewed, however they did not have all the elements that Trujillo had. The study concluded that Trujillo was the ideal location for the next mainland passenger cruise port for the following reasons:

  • Trujillo was 43 miles away from Roatan making it easier for ships to navigate as an additional port route
  • The Bay of Trujillo is a peninsula which offers natural protection to ships from adverse weather that they may experience in the open sea
  • The Bay of Trujillo is one of the deepest bays in Central America, allowing the post panamax ships (new standard in the Caribbean) to easily come to port
  • Trujillo is the former capital of Honduras and the last place where Christopher Columbus set foot in the Americas
  • One of the only places in the Caribbean where the distance between the white sand beach and the foot of a 4,000 foot rain forest in less than ½ a kilometer
  • Trujillo has a vibrant history dating back to the 1500’s
  • The second largest barrier reef in the world is a few miles off shore
  • Honduras has the second largest rainforest canopy in the world outside of the Amazon
  • Expansion of the area can happen without risk of running out of land like in Roatan

So there you have it, the story of how Trujillo on Honduras Banana Coast came to be the home of the world’s newest Cruise Port Terminal.

Looking to Garifuna village of Santa Fe from Bay of Trujillo
Looking to Garifuna village of Santa Fe from Bay of Trujillo

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Beautiful smiles from the kids make you smile, Trujillo, Honduras
Beautiful smiles from the kids make you smile

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