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Honduras Fun and Facts

So much to learn. Here are a few interesting and fun facts about Honduras that you should know about…

Honduras Flag

Map of Honduras

Map of Honduras

Map of Honduras

  • The term “Banana Republic” was first applied to Honduras by the American writer O. Henry, for the influence the U.S. banana companies had at some time.
  • The Honduras official language is Spanish.
  • Christopher Columbus is said to have said after leaving behind a storm: “Thank God we’ve left these Depths.” And he called Depths (Honduras) the area, and Thank God (Gracias a Dios) the Cape he left.
  • As “Soccer War” is known the armed conflict that occurred as a result of a military aggression of El Salvador against Honduras after a soccer match between the two countries in 1969. The real reason of the aggression was to contain the Salvadoran population pressure.
Soccer, Honduras, T

Soccer is Trujillo                                                                                                                             Photo: Pam Johnson

  • Hondurans are also called “Catrachos” because of general Florence Xatruch, who fought in Nicaragua against the American filibuster William Walker. “Catrachos” is a corruption of the name Xatruch. “Here come the Xatruches” they said in the beginning; within a time they said: “Here come the Catrachos”.
  • The capital of Honduras is composed of two cities: Tegucigalpa and Comayagüela.
  • beaches, honduras, paradise

    Beautiful and quiet beaches in Bay of Trujillo                                                                 Photo: Pam Johnson

  • The Honduran currency is the lempira, and it is named after an Indian chief that fought to death against the Spanish conquerors. It is assumed that a lempira bill has an image representing the face of the legendary chief Lempira, but instead contains the image of an American Red Indian.
  • Honduras is located in the waist or isthmus that links North America with South America, and it was the result of the clash of these two landmasses. If not for the existence of the Central American isthmus, in which Honduras is in the middle, sea currents would have taken other directions, the weather had been different in Africa, and humans would not have evolved as they did.
  • The military base of Soto Cano, known as Palmerola, is of strategic importance to the United States.
  • Trujillo is believed to be the place where the first Mass was celebrated in the Americas.
  • Platano Forest was nominated as one of the new seven new wonders of the world.
  • There are no active volcanoes in Honduras, and there is only one natural lake: Lake Yojoa.

Oh did we mention that it’s gorgeous too:

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Garifuna, Trujillo, Honduras, Travel, Photography
Garifuna community of Santa Fe near Trujillo                                                                                     


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Trujillo, Honduras – Updates and More Including our Early Bird September Special

There is a lot going on in Trujillo, Honduras right now. We wanted to share our excitement with you about a number of key happenings that matter to us and to you…

Picture yourself

Picture yourself. Read, relax.                                                                                                         Photo credit: Pam Johnson

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Casa 17

Casa 17 overlooking Bay of Trujillo

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Chris Cruises – Banana Coast Cruise Port Coming Together Rather Nicely  

by Chris Owen, September 11, 2013

It was inspection time at Banana Coast cruise port, the retail shopping and 10 acre beachfront cruise destination being built in the colonial town of Trujillo, Honduras. Diverse shore excursions feature the region’s Spanish colonial heritage and lush tropical setting with cultural, historical, soft-adventure and eco-tour offerings.

Drawing an enthusiastic response from the August site inspection, Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association’s (FCCA) Security Operations Committee members toured the facilities as well as the tourism attractions of adjacent Trujillo, Honduras.

Banana Coast Cruise Port

Banana Coast Cruise Port                                                                                          Photo Credit:

“The cruise industry is very excited about the opportunities that Banana Coast in Trujillo offers as a cruise destination,” said FCCA President Michele Paige. “We found the local government and people of Trujillo to be engaged and supportive of the port development.”

Paige noted that the committee characterized the tour program as diverse and professionally executed, and said the port facilities are fully equipped, well laid-out and Americans with Disabilities Act–compliant, offering appealing retail, restaurants and bars; beach access and designated areas for taxis and tour vehicles.

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From Honduras Living:    From the article written by: Luis Lemus. Copywriting Press Luis.Lemus @

It has been translated from Spanish to English.  Due to this, the flow of the sentences can be clumsy.  See full article link posted below this post.

The awakening of a city with years of history and a rich natural and scenic beauty that has been hidden since its founding on May 18, 1525, and is actually becoming one of the cruise destinations worldwide. By November 2014 we have provided the first arrival of 16 cruises, with about 18 thousand tourists to this city. ”Recently we had a visit Michelle Paige, president of the Florida Federation Cruises and Caribbean (FCCA) and executives of the three major cruise lines in the world”, said Hernan Batres, port manager Banana Coast cruise pier. Visitors are representatives of cruise lines such as Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean and Prince Cruises, those who are interested in extending their route to this new destination emerging Western Caribbean Honduras. They point to change. The atmosphere of this city is very different from five years ago. And strangers and talk about a project that a decade ago was considered a utopia. ”Now people are starting to believe in this project, though economically not been recalled, the reaction from people has been positive and have been organized into committees,” said Ivan Pinto, political governor of Columbus. Along with the growth, the city is also planning to train its industrious people.”We are running English courses for bartenders and waiters to prepare our people to this great challenge,” said Claudia Madrid, president of the Chamber of Tourism of Trujillo, newly created organization that represents the interests of local businesses. The Banana Coast cruise port is the work that has come to open the doors to the coveted development of Trujillo, a city with more than four centuries of history.”It is a requirement that all those working in tourism speak English, is a priority throughout Trujillo and is part of innovation and challenge we are demanding these new proposals,” said Madrid, also a committee member of cruises.

Local Investments Arise

In recent months, about five new tourism businesses have emerged in this city motivated by this project. ”I can see a positive impact on the town with the construction of new buildings, and some local entrepreneurs is building to rent premises and that is very good because they are relying on this project,” said Siris Bonilla, coordinator of the Municipal Tourism Unit . And it has to be presumed Trujillo. Their potential ecological and historical lets you raise your chances. ”Here we have beaches, mountains, culture, scenic beauty all enviable and unique in the region,” said Bonilla.The old town, the fortress of Santa Barbara and its stunning bay inspiration not only for lovers of ecological niches and comfortable, also entrepreneurs who want to invest their capital in this paradise of the north coast of honduras.”We have a historic downtown architecture a variety of French, Spanish and English, that while we need to restore is damaged and have a better image of the city,” said Bonilla.The construction of the sewage system and sewage is another step that will boost the city. The project will be implemented at a cost of 84 million Lempiras and refurbish the beaches and waters of the Bay of Trujillo.

Trujillo Honduras Fishermen

Local fishermen in Bay of Trujillo                                                                                                         Photo: Pam Johnson

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Casa 15 in Alta Vista Beach

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