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Today’s Boomers – Living Active Lives, Undertaking Challenges, Relocating to Other Countries

Today’s seniors are living longer and leading more active lives than those of their parents or grandparents, says Susan Eng, vice-president of advocacy for the Toronto-based seniors’ advocacy organization CARP. And many are refusing to live the stereotypically quiet lives associated with being a senior. “They’re undertaking challenges that many of us might not take, like relocating to another country. It’s not trivial or a guided tour, it really changes the dynamics of their life.”

Warm weather, affordability and a stress free lifestyle.  That’s the goal for many boomers.

Be prepared and do your research first. Take your time and don’t leave it until the last minute. This gives you the best chance of making informed decisions and avoiding any unwelcome surprises.

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Some things to consider:

  • Research the tax, legal and property ownership implications. 
  • Quality of life. Many countries are affordable for a retired couple on a Canadian pension and will allow a lifestyle that includes being able to eat out every night, that isn’t possible in Canada or the US for that matter. Consider different countries.
  • Find an accountant who specializes in international tax law. Work closely with their financial planner to ensure compliance and reap any and all possible tax benefits.  Canadians are not taxed based on citizenship, but residency.  Retirees who choose to live abroad full-time need to understand the laws of their adopted retirement home as they may possibly take themselves out of the Canadian tax system
  • Financial management is key. Retirees need to understand their bank or financial management firms policies before departing. Many financial institutiosn will no longer heed instructions of someone once they relinquish Canadian residency.
  • Consider sheltering funds in Canadian banks rather than transferring wealth to accounts in foreign countries – think of the recent financial crisis in Cyprus where larger accounts in one of its largest banks were frozen. Get advice.
  • Health insurance is always top of mind for retirees. Insurers sell products catering to Canadians who live abroad during retirement and these need to be investigated. Depending upon the chosen country, medical costs incurred in an emergency can be very expensive.  Costs of extra coverage can vary depending on factors such as an applicant’s pre-existing health conditions and age.
  • For most provinces the maximum allowable time a resident can spend outside the country is 183 days in order to maintain their provincial health insurance plan coverage. For Ontario residents it is 212 days.  Residents can obtain special authorization from their provincial health insurance plan in advance in order to get an extension. Check before you go.

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Colorful Macaws at Campo Del Mar Park, Trujillo, Honduras

  • Culture and language is another consideration. Cultural and language differences can be a challenge for some relocating retirees, while for others it’s an adventure. Be honest about your comfort zone and make decisions that work for you.  Having said that, it’s a great time for boomers to consider stretching their comfort zone.  Before you go, learn as much as you can about the history, cultural sensitivities, politics and geography of a country. Take some language lessons. You will get so much more out of your experience.
  • Communication with family and friends back home is crucial. Look into factors and costs related to cell phone and internet coverage in the country you are planning to visit.  Skype has become a great way to communicate and in most cases an inexpensive way. Find out what’s available and what communication entails in your chosen country.

Now, get going. It’s time to plan your dream retirement.

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Baby Boomers and Financial Regrets – It’s Not Too Late!

Financial regrets, investments, real estate, retirement and boomers. These are words that go together….  If you are a baby boomer (born between 1946 and 1964) then you most likely are ill prepared for your retirement.  The recent economic downturn has only exasperated the situation and time is to recoup our losses, is not on our side.

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Enjoy a drink down at the Campo del Mar private beach.

A recent article by FinanceYahoo highlights some of the financial regrets of the Baby Boomer Generation.

“I think Boomers are somewhat disappointed in the way things have turned out in recent years,” he says, “and I think they have a right to feel that something unfair has taken place. You can’t any longer buy a CD or invest in a money market fund and get any kind of respectable return, because interest rates are so low and have been so low and will continue to be so low that people have lost some years of investment potential and income. People can hope that that the situation improves but I don’t think it will very quickly, and people have a right to be disappointed in that.”

But all isn’t lost, Hinden says. Boomers looking to salvage a financial future from this mess will need to adjust their plans, possibly pushing back their retirement date by a few years, and start saving aggressively to make up for lost interest income.

“Once people are aware of their situation they’re going to have to find ways to cope as they can,” Hinden explains. “I don’t think there’s any immediate help coming, except maybe for housing, but the interest rate problem is very real. Hopefully by being active and alert and careful in their spending, people will, when they set up their retirement budgets, leave themselves as much leeway as possible, figuring that the amount of growth in their assets going forward is going to be pretty small.”

Here is a partial list of top regrets:

  • Credit Card Debt Nearly Ruined My Retirement
  • Health, Money and First Impressions
  • It Seemed Like the Rise of the Stock Market Was Never Going to End

Read the article in FinanceYahoo it’s entirety.

Don’t panic. There are still some good investments in real estate and you can combine those investments with a quality of life in retirement that you may have dreamed of but thought was no longer possible.  It is!  Trujillo, Honduras is on the cusp of change with a new Cruise Ship Terminal almost completed.  In 2014 Trujillo will open to the world.  Honduras Living outlines 10 reason why you should invest NOW in this part of the world.

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Casa 15 in Alta Vista Beach, Jaguar Construction

Of course, quality and peace of mind is important when you are considering a real estate investment.  In Trujillo, Jaguar Construction, owned and run by Canadians, are the premium builder in Trujillo, Honduras. Building homes to the North American standards standards that you have come to expect while maintaining the highest level of customer care.  Jaguar Construction will guide you through the construction process so that you understand what is going on and feel confident that your investment is well looked after.  Jaguar Construction is proud to be the exclusive builder for Desarollos Vision de Vida (Life Vision Developments), Trujillo Bay area’s premier and largest developer. Please visit their website to view their past and current projects.

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Stainless steel appliances as seen here in Casa 192, Campa Vista, Jaguar Construction

You can expect that tourism in Trujillo next year will only affect your current real estate investment in the most positive of ways. It’s not to late. Even you if you aren’t ready to retire this year you can start the process now. You can visit Trujillo on holidays, stay in your lovely home, rent it out while you are not here or retire here permanently. You have many options!

Contact Jaguar Construction for more information. We look forward to answering all of your questions.

Trujillo is the Hidden Gem of Honduras

So much more than Roatan, Trujillo is the hidden gem of Honduras.

Honduras has been a popular destination for tourists and retirees for many many years. Roatan which is part of the Bay Islands, has typically been the go-to location and understandably so. No one can discount it’s natural beauty, lovely beaches and of course the incredible scuba diving and snorkeling. Tourism is key to the economic viability of Roatan so one cannot begrudge the opportunities it brings to the local community in order to improve the quality of their lives.

But if you are looking for affordability, Roatan is no longer that place.  Have you been dreaming about moving abroad after retirement? Dreaming of finding a place with great weather, a laid back lifestyle, lots of culture, wonderful beaches and equally as important, a place that won’t hit your bank account hard?  Honduras can still offer you this and more!

Trujillo, Honduras, Map, Banana Coast

On the mainland of Honduras along the “Banana Coast” lies the laid back colonial town of Trujillo with sits on it’s perch overlooking the crystal clear Bay of Trujillo.  The Bay of Trujillo is steeped in history with it’s natural deep water harbour being the first mainland landing spot of Christoper Columbus in 1502 during his fourth and final voyage to the New World.

This Caribbean destination is so much more than just it’s lovely, quiet beaches.  Here you can experiences the cultures of the Afro-Caribbean Garifuna, and the peaceful Pech Indians.  

pulperia, Santa Fe, Honduras, Travel, Tourism, Trujillo, Jaguar Construction

Colorful Pulperia (corner stores) in Santa Fe. One of the Garifuna communities on the Banana Coast outside Trujillo

Cristale, Garifuna, Trujillo, Honduras, Travel, Tourism, culture

A local bar owner in Garifuna Barrios Cristale

Just outside of town, you will want to spend time at the Campo del Mar Park System:

Divided into 4 distinct parks connecting the rainforest to the sea, Campo del Mar unites the Ancient World, the Historical World and the New World conveniently for visitors.

The Nature Park allows interested guests to experience tropical Honduran fruits, flowers, fauna and wildlife comfortably in in a modern organized setting while enjoying the Caribbean Sea and the secluded sandy beach

The River Recreation Park helps our adventurous guests experience traditional Honduran living and recreation in a picturesque natural setting while providing exhilarating adventures along the Mahoguay River

The Heritage Park provides our history buffs and hiker guests access to information and physical historical items “on site” in close proximity to the Spanish and Mayan trade routes as the base of Calentura and Capiro Mountains

The Wildlife Park opens the door for our guests to the Cloud Forest and wildlife through the rain forest canopy and trails with spectacular views of the Nombre de Dios Mountain Range and the Bay of Trujillo in the Caribbean Sea

Marilyn the 3 toed sloth

Marilyn the 3 toed sloth

And of course, there are those incredible beaches. Endless and quiet with soft sand and warm waters.

beaches, honduras, trujillo, banana coast

Endless beaches of the Banana Coast

Take a tour of the town, go kayaking or hiking with Banana Coast Tours

When it comes to choosing your dream home whether on the beach or in the lush mountains overlooking the Bay, affordability and quality are key. In Trujillo, they both exist for you.  Here you can still build your second home as an investment or retire to it now and have your hard earned dollars stretch farther.  You can also achieve peace of mind knowing that the quality of your dream home isn’t compromised.  Jaguar Construction understands the desires and needs of North Americans coming to live here.  In fact, Jaguar Construction is not only Canadian owned but they live and work right here in Trujillo creating beautiful homes, built to North American standards.   

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Stunning Jaguar Construction home being built in the mountains overlooking the Bay

Jaguar Construction is a premium builder in Trujillo, Honduras and the exclusive builder for Desarollos Vision de Vida (Life Vision Developments), Trujillo Bay area’s premier and largest developer.  They offer you a full suite of services from architectural design, engineered blueprints and a finished product you can enjoy for generations. Throughout the building process you can expect to receive the highest level of customer care.

So make your dreams a reality now. It’s easy in Trujillo.

Not sure where to start?  We are happy to help. Contact Jaguar Construction here for questions and further information.

Beautiful kitchen with all of the modern stainless steel amenities

Beautiful kitchen with all of the modern stainless steel amenities







The Culture of Travel

The joy of living in any foreign country is experiencing the food, the architecture, the people and the history not to mention the often favorable climate choices. Soaking up the culture of a place we visit or live not only enhances ones own relationships with the country but it educates, informs and expands one’s mind.  The world is an infinitely interesting place that never ceases to amaze and delight.

There are so many reasons to love Honduras that go beyond the absolutely stunning landscape such as the pristine beaches of the Caribbean Sea or the rich jungle landscape of the Calentura Mountains. The Colon region shares a rich colonial history and cultural traditions abound, such as Indio Barbero which you can witness in Trujillo and the surrounding villages.

Indio Barbero, Honduras, travel, tourism, Trujillo,

Young kids posing after the Indio Barbero moment                                                                 Photo: Pam Johnson

So before you come, do some homework. Read up about the country and the area that you are visitiing. Learn some of the language (a few key words to start such as “please” and “thank you” go a long way), brush up on some of the cultural sensibilities to ensure you don’t make a faux pas, make a list of places you want to visit and foods you want to try. Hire a local guide to get a personal tour that allows you to connect with the locals and leaves time for unexpected adventures. Above all, remain flexible, patient and open minded. You will be glad that you did!

Trujillo is waiting to meet you.

3 Million Boomers to Retire Abroad

MSN Money recently posted an article about the boomer generation. Apparently those of us who are boomers and who are retired, are different than previous generations of boomer retirees. That should really come as no surprise in my opinion.

Nothing remains as we knew it, so why should retirement and our perspectives on what that means to us be any different. Oprah Winfrey famously announced on her 50th birthday that 50 was the new 40. Many of us happily jumped on the bandwagon glad to finally know that someone else felt the same way as we did.

What really caught my eye about this article is the fact that many Americans are packing up and moving to foreign countries not only for the warmer climates but also because the cost of living is lower.  By extrapolating, they said that as many as 3 million boomers could be retiring abroad over the next couple of decades. Wow, that`s a huge percentage of their overall population.

They are leaving the US

More older Americans are packing it in for foreign countries, where they can save on living costs and enjoy warmer climates.

The number of retired workers, spouses and survivors getting Social Security benefits in a foreign land is rising almost twice as fast as the number of Social Security beneficiaries generally, according to Social Security Administration data. 

And 21% of baby boomers say they are “interested or very interested” in retiring abroad, according to a survey by the Center for Medical Tourism Research at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio.

“If that were extended across all boomers, you’d have about 3 million people retiring abroad in the next couple decades,” says David Vequist, the center’s director.“

beaches, honduras, trujillo, banana coast

The crowded beaches of the Banana Coast

Here in Trujillo we seem to have attracted large Canadian contingent, not only as renters but also as buyers. They appreciate the beauty of this part of Honduras but many realize that it`s also a savvy real-estate  opportunity.  The Banana Coast looks like Costa Rica did before it took off.  It`s an area that is brimming with excitement and just ready to take off.  President Lobo in fact lead the dedication ceremonies just recently of the new Cruise Terminal in Trujillo.  Like all good opportunities, getting in at the ground floor before tourism booms is a smart business move.  Property and building costs are lower but even more importantly, you will have an opportunity to see the value of your new home and investment to increase over time.

But it`s not just an investment boomers desire, it`s the peace of mind in knowing that you have purchased a property or home that has been built to quality North American standards.  We at Jaguar Construction do that.  Not only will you have an opportunity to live in a gorgeous, well made home, we will also work with you through the entire process of building your dream home.   We live here too and know what a special place this is.

If you are considering purchasing a piece of property or real-estate investment and wish to learn more, click here.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks for taking the time to visit us. 

Jaguar Construction is a premium builder in Trujillo, Honduras. We build homes to the North American standards standards that you have come to expect and maintain the highest level of customer care as we guide you through the construction process.

Jaguar Construction is proud to be the exclusive builder for Desarollos Vision de Vida (Life Vision Developments), Trujillo Bay area’s premier and largest developer. Please visit their website to view their past and current projects.