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Multi-Cultural Honduras – Another Reason to Come Here

Just like Canada, Honduras is a diverse country with a fascinating culture.

If you are thinking about settling down, investing in real estate or building your dream home to enjoy your retirement, Trujillo has much to offer.  It’s not just gorgeous beaches, crystal clear waters and stunning coral reefs, it’s also the culture.

Barrios Cristales in Trujillo is home to the local Garifuna culture.  They are known for their food and dance and traditions. Each month there is a traditional mass held in the San Juan Bautista Church in downtown Trujillo.

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San Juan Bautista (St. Jean Baptist Church)

Cristale, Garifuna, Trujillo, Honduras, Travel, Tourism, culture

A local bar owner in Garifuna neighborhood of Barrios Cristale

Not far from Trujillo as you drive along a dirt road,  you can find three more Garifuna Village communities.   These quite fishing villages—Santa Fe, San Antonio, and Guadelupe—are located along the beach.  Life is quiet here.

pulperia, Santa Fe, Honduras, Travel, Tourism, Trujillo, Jaguar Construction

Colorful Pulperia (corner store) in Santa Fe

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Two Cayucas (traditional wooden boats) on the beach of Guadalupe

Trujillo is the gateway to visit La Mosquitia (the Mosquito Coast).  Here you will find the largest and most biologically diverse protected area in Central America where you can also access to numerous ethnic villages.

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Lovely Garifuna lady who bakes the best coconut bread. You will find her along the beach in Trujillo selling her products.

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Traditional Art is Alive and Well in Honduras

The banana coast of of Honduras is heartbreakingly beautiful. Lush jungles, endless peaceful, sandy beaches and historic towns and museums dot the landscape. Unspoiled reefs, warm clean water and a relaxed lifestyle are among the reasons why we at Jaguar Construction, have chosen to live and work in Trujillo and area.

Traditional art is also alive in Honduras and with a contribution, provided by the Government of Tawain in the One Town, One Product – Project Honduras.  Participating Honduran craftspersons are leading the way towards the preservation of their culture by using traditional practices and techniques in there work.

With that in mind, Jaguar Construction is pleased to share this Honduras News article with all of you.

Honduran Artisans Awarded in Valle de Angeles

May 2, 2013 Honduras article by 

One People, One Product - Honduras AwardsMinister of the Presidency, María Antonieta Guillén and the Taiwan Ambassador, Joseph Kou, Present AwardsThe presidential appointed Minister of the Presidency, María Antonieta Guillén and the Taiwan Ambassador, Joseph Kou, were in Valle de Angelesto present prizes for Distinctive Design and Best Practices in Service, to exceptional individuals participating in the contest, “Go, Go to the Valley and Embrace Mud”, and businesses helping to service their community.The contest challenged artists working with their hands on crafts made from clay, and is part of the program “One Town, One Product” (OTOP), which is an initiative of the government of Taiwan, which supports, assists, and coordinates communities to tap into their local talent to provide a sustainable future for the town.Minister Guillén welcomed the granting of the awards, which applauded the hard work of participating Honduran craftspersons. She stated that the contribution provided by the government of Taiwan in One Town, One Product - Project Honduras, has created a benchmark in education, innovation, and preservation of culture, by using techniques that are implicit traditional practices, but with a more perfect mission, that goes beyond the national market.Pottery Business in Honduras

Honduras Pottery Business in Rural Community

The Taiwan Ambassador, Joseph Kou, expressed his hope for expanding the program to other regions of Honduras. He would like to see the promotion of Honduran art in the marketplace, both nationally and internationally, to make known the riches of Honduras. The diplomat said that with this project, craftspersons can help provide new life to Honduran pottery, while transmitting the essence, tradition, belonging, and spirit of life of the Catrachos. Ambassador Kou reiterated the firm commitment that his country has to our citizenship, to always keep the bonds of brotherhood and the sustainable development of Honduras.

Minister Guillén congratulated the artisans for the added value they have shown in their noble work, and skill to do it with feeling and love.

“We have not been here because of this award. In the end, everyone is a winner, because everyone has opted to innovate, change and produce quality items … ” she said.

Typical Honduran Pottery and Crafts

Typical Honduran Pottery and Crafts

The Minister recognized the hard work done by Ambassador Kuo in Honduras, despite the geographical distance between the two countries. She said that in the background, our cultures show differences, but there is a common element that is the spirit of friendship and cooperation, and good will of a people that has evolved in positive terms.

The mayor of the picturesque village of Valle de Angeles, Claudia Midence, thanked the government of Taiwan on behalf of the town, for the support given in the various activities that have generated a development of the community.


The Taipei-based Corporate Synergy Development Center was commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan to carry out the “One Town, One Product” project in Honduras. Under the two-year program that began in 2011, a team from the center has been working with pottery artists in Valle de Angeles, with the aim of developing a niche industry in Honduras. They have focused on improving the firing of the pottery, and instilling more local cultural characteristics into the products. For example, the artists are encouraged to incorporate images and characteristics associated with Mayan culture in their pottery, as Honduras is one of the areas where the Mayan civilization originated. Residents in Valle de Angeles have been making art works from clay for decades, but the products used to be fragile and homogenous, according Laurencio Chen, a consultant with the center, who is responsible for the project. Ceramic coffee cups could become a specialty, especially as Honduras is a major coffee producer in Central America, he said.

The “One Town, One Product” concept stems from Taiwan’s own successful experience. Located in northern Taiwan’s New Taipei, Yingge is a tourist center with hundreds of pottery factories offering a range of products, from vases to teapots and tableware. Yingge’s success was duplicated by the Corporate Synergy Development Center in many communities around Taiwan, Chen said. Developing signature products, in turn, helped the communities attract more tourists, he added. The Taiwan-Honduras project is the first foreign aid program offered to a diplomatic ally focusing on the development of a niche cultural and creative industry.

Honduran pottery artists will visit Taiwan later this year to further bilateral cooperation aimed at helping Honduras foster a creative and culture-focused pottery industry. The artists from the town of Valle de Angeles are scheduled to visit their Taiwanese counterparts in Yingge, New Taipei and learn about more advanced techniques in making pottery products in September, according to the Corporate Synergy Development Centre

Jaguar Construction is proud to be the exclusive builder for Desarollos Vision de Vida (Life Vision Developments), Trujillo Bay area’s premier and largest developer. Please visit their website to view  past and current projects.

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Campo del Mar – Why We Love Honduras

Animals…I think it would be fair to say that most people have a soft spot in their heart for animals. I know we do, hence the name Jaguar Construction.

More and more boomers are traveling than ever before. But many of us are traveling differently. We want to travel with purpose. How else do you explain the explosion of eco-tourism and volunteer travel trips?

Campo del Mar, Honduras, Trujillo, Sloth, Tourism, Jaguar Construcion

Marilyn, Campo del Mar’s resident Sloth comes down for her weekly meal.

One program I recently read about in Zoomer Magazine called Boomers without Borders was of particular interest to those of us who live and work in Trujillo, Honduras. It pertains to Laos and how a Canadian Funded Animal Health Care program pays off in human dividends. I encourage you to click on the link above to read the article in it’s entirety.

Here is the beginning excerpt to peak your interest:

“Canadian-funded Animal health care pays off in human dividends in the land of a million elephants.

Ridiculous as it seems, when we arrive at the small village outside of Luang Prabang in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, we don’t notice the three elephants browsing in the forest beside the road.
Grey skin matches grey tree trunks so, in spite of their bulk, they’re almost invisible. Dr. Bertrand Bouchard has already parked his mobile vet clinic down by the river, and his assistant is pulling out equipment to microchip, deworm and evaluate the animals’ health. Bouchard is head veterinarian for ElefantAsia, a non-profit group based in France that’s dedicated to the conservation and protection of Asian elephants in Laos.”

Which brings us to Campo del Mar. As with many developing countries there is a challenge in preserving the local habitat (flora and flauna) for future generations due to destruction through greed and desperation. The Animal Habitat at Campo del Mar has been set up for just that. You can visit the park, see what current wildlife resides there and learn about their rescue and rehabilitation centre. They work with UMA and ICF in the conservation, preservation and rehabilitation of Honduran wildlife including an educational component for visitors, schools and institutions. This is another example of Canadians helping a community through jobs for locals, protection of habitat and so much more.

There are so many reasons to visit and live in Honduras. This is just one more. Meet the dedicated team.

If you visiting us to consider buying property or to build your dream home, here make a point to visit Campo de Mar.

Trujillo, Honduras is Costa Rica 10 Years Ago

You have worked hard all of your adult life. You have followed investment advice and diligently socked away your money. You have made your dream plans to spend your leisure years travelling or enjoying the pleasant weather of the sunny states. Yet … here you are within arm’s length reach of retirement, only to find that you need to make a complete overhaul of your goals. You find your nest egg dwindling and it’s no longer adequate to support you in your retirement years. Companies and the government have cut back on pensions, services and benefits. Many of you are either returning to the work force after retirement to replace those lost savings and yet others of you are making the decision to keep working well beyond your retirement years. It can be devastating.

Despite this, there is some good news to be had. Central America! That’s right.

Crag, Trujillo, Honduras, Bay, Cayo Blanco, Tourism, Travel, Jaguar construction

Freshly caught crab waiting for you. Caught just off of the shore, near Cayo Blanco in Trujillo Bay, Honduras

The dream of completely retiring in a warm country or even just spending a few months of every year abroad can still be within your reach. The popularity of the Central Americas for retirement has exploded. Why? Because you can stretch that hard earned retirement money further. The costs of living are lower in these countries and yet the quality of life can in many ways, be quite high. The key is to do your research before jumping in. You need to identify what things are most important to you in your retirement. What are the available activities, healthcare options, costs of waterfront home ownership or rental prices, proximity to other fun destinations etc.. Are you looking for an investment? Do you want a place to invest in now with the opportunity to move in later?

Do your homework and more importantly, visit before hand.

Jaguar Construction is owned and operated by Canadians. We love and live in this stunning, quiet, magical part of Honduras. Honduras is Costa Rica 10 years ago, before the prices started rising. This place invites serious consideration. So if you are ready to invest and want to build your dream home, we are working here to help you with just that. We build beautiful homes to North American standards that you have come to expect. This is not something that can always be said of construction in developing countries. We at Jaguar Construction can work with you every step of the way whether you want to move to Trujillo now or whether you want to start building a beautiful home for a few years down the road. We provide peace of mind every step of the way. We know Honduras, we live here. We can help.

Visit our gallery for photos of our stunning homes.

We know that you have so many questions about Honduras. To put it frankly, we are what Costa Rica was 10 years ago. So now is an opportune time to build your dream home or invest for your future retirement here.

Here are some general questions that we are often asked?

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For answers to these questions and so many more, click here.