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Stunning New Home for Sale at Campa Vista – Where the Mountain Meets the Sea

You talked, we listened…and DELIVERED!

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Paddle Boarding at Dusk in the Bay of Trujillo. Note the crowds.

Jaguar Construction and Life Vision Properties are excited to announce that our first spec home is now completed and waiting for you to move in. Campa Vista lot #192 offers a stunning mountain location surrounded by the vast rainforest jungles of the Calentura Mountains. It offers outstanding views to the Bay in a secure 24/7 gated community. This 1,268 square foot customized 2 bedroom bungalow is a homeowners dream.  Built to North American standards by Jaguar Construction and our talented construction team, this home delivers details rarely seen in this part of the world. Among these details are an open concept living room/kitchen, vaulted ceilings, a master bedroom with ensuite, a large covered deck and a pool with sun deck for a refreshing dip whenever you want. With million dollar western facing views to both the mountain jungles and the Caribbean Sea it’s the perfect place to decompress from the stress of the western pace of life. What’s even less stressful is the price $269,900.

If you’re not quite ready to retire or don’t want the hassles of building your own home, this is the ideal option. It’s turnkey and is just waiting for you to furnish to your tastes. You can visit for a couple of weeks or months knowing your place is ready and waiting. If you are considering this as an investment, the option of renting your place may make sense. Tourism is expected to explode here once the cruise ships arrive into the new Terminal Port next year. Now is the time to buy, before costs go up.

Honduras Living’s April 2013 newsletter talks about this beautiful home and has some pictures as well. Click here to visit. Toggle down to pages 4 and 5.

If you have visited us before you will be familiar with Cathy Bernier. Cathy is from Edmonton, Alberta in Canada, but has made Trujillo home for almost five years now.  She is also the owner/operator of Trujillo Property Service as well as a homeowner in Campa Vista.  As an owner of a home in the tropics or anywhere for that matter, it’s important that your property be maintained. If you plan to visit your home for only a short time period each winter and need to ensure that your home is looked after while you are away or if you wish to have it rented out for some extra revenue, Cathy is the person you need to talk to.

The best way to contact Cathy is via email at

or  (The site is currently under construction as of the date of this posting. Check back regularly as she hopes to have it ready for you very soon.

There has been a great deal of growth and development in the area over the last four years. If you haven’t visited for a while prepare to be amazed. If you are considering retirement or just want to check out the area and everything it has to offer, Cathy Bernier has put together an re-orientation package that fits the bill (page 7 of the Honduras Living newsletter from above). Still not sure? Just email Cathy with your questions and she will get back to you as soon as she can. You can also visit  Life Vision Developments and of course us, at Jaguar Construction, for further information.

Now is the time to consider your move to paradise.


Cruise Ships are Coming – Build Your Home Before the Tourism Boom

There is a great deal of excitement in the air these days in Trujillo. Jaguar Construction continues to build beautiful homes for you, our clients, and construction of the Cruise Ship Terminal is progessing quickly. In fact Randy Jorgensen, CEO of Life Vision Developments confirmed in an April 17th news release that “Holland American Line (HAL) has confirmed 11 Port of Call bookings at Banana Coast in 2014-2015 cruise season…” For this reason, we need to remind you that now is the time to begin with the construction of your home. There are many reasons why you should proceed, not the least of which is the cost. The cost of living remains very affordable but the value of your home will only increase as the economy picks up. The same is true of the costs associated with building your home. By building now before tourism starts booming with the cruise ship visits, you will reap the benefits of these lowers costs. You will also benefit from real estate appreciation as tourism takes off. You need look no further than Costa Rica and Roatan as examples of exactly just this. We encourage you to think very seriously about making a move soon. Not sure how to proceed, click here for contact information or here for FAQ’s. This past winter was fantastic. Jaguar Construction enjoyed the company of many returning buyers and clients. For many it was a first opportunity to enjoy their completed and furnished homes in this paradise. There is no better feeling for those of us at Jaguar Construction than the experience of turning over those keys to you, our customers. Winter throughout North America has been particularly brutal this year. Once you set foot in Trujillo you are reminded of why you have made the choice to make this your second home or perhaps your retirement home.

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Miles of empty beaches and warm waters on a moody day. Sublime
Photo: Pam Johnson

For those of you looking for adventure? Don’t forget, Banana Coast Tours has much to offer including custom and private trips of our jungles, rivers, town and more. Of course, that’s only if you can pull yourself away from those beautiful and empty beaches. So think long and hard, but not too long! We are here to help you with all of your construction needs.

Alta Vista Development

Welcome to Alta Vista.

The lush tropical rainforest and verdant El Mojon mountain range is the backdrop of the Alta Vista residential development. Located just 8 km from the Town of Trujillo, Alta Vista is the only 2 tier property within Life Vision with both Beachside and Mountainside estate lots. With over 55% of the development sold out, the gated community has 24/7 security and is a total size of 292 acres.  It will be developed in stages so as to minimize the impact on the local residents, wildlife and eco-system.

The first section will encompass 99 private residences on the beachside overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Directly in front of the section will be the Alta Vista Beach Club to which residents will have full access to the beachside restaurant, bar and swimming pool. It will also have a banquet hall that can host community events and be the ideal location for a Caribbean destination wedding.

The second section will have 180 private estate-size residences tiered into the mountainside with panoramic views of the Bay Islands and turquoise blue sea.  The final design of the total development has been completed with SERNA and municipal permits received. Installation of road infrastructure is underway and will be complete in 2011.  A number of residents have finalized their house design and construction of these magnicent homes have begun. Owners are able to choose from a choice of 3 options,2 bedroom bungalow, 3 bedroom bungalow or 3 bedroom 2-storey. Each home follows a unique south western Santa Fe design.  Please visit Jaguar Construction for more details on home design and construction plans.